The internet has provided a platform for a phenominal volume of information available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Sadly most of it is crap, poorly thought out, badly executed and largely irrelevant. Fortunately jems can be found even in the biggest piles of manure and the following are links to photographers and photograghy related web sites I admire, respect and are worth spending time with. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Landscape Photographers

Ansel Adams Primarily a retail site for posters and prints, but he is the best of the best and the one who defined what black & white landscape photographers do.

John Sexton A contemporary of Ansel Adams and an amazing photographer. This site has been established to primarily sell his new book Recollections, but hopefully it will be expanded in the future to include his photography.

Rolfe Horn Great website and only one word can be used to describe the photography therein... amazing!

Mark Citret Simple, elegant, stunning.

Michael Kenna Black and White photography at it's finest.

Bill Schwab Elegant website, stunning black and white landscape photography.

Bryan David Griffith Beautiful colour landscape photography.

Terry Walker Thoughtful and beautiful images of natures finer points.

William Neill Lush and beautiful colour images.

Steve Berger Beautiful black and white and colour images of Long Island.

Urban Photographers

Dave Beckerman Black and white images of New York City.

Ales Waksmundsky Black and white landscapes of urban decay. Thought provoking work.

George Ciardi Amazing black & white and colour images .

Fascinating Photographers

These photographers defy category and have created amazing images I find fascinating. Enjoy!

Ryuijie Landscape, nudes, still life.... all gorgeous.

Bill Zorn Stunning images of Three Gorges dam project in China.

Cole Thompson A little bit of everything but all beautiful.

James Fee Sometimes images we find odd or unsettling are the best in helping us to find a perspective. The photography of James Fee certainly does just that.


NikonNet A terrific resource for learning and exploring photography. Features some of the finest photographers in the world (who use Nikon equipment of course).

Canon Explorers of Light A newly rebuilt interface showcasing some of the world's best photographers (who use Canon equipment of course).

Digital Camera Review Looking for a digital camera? Here is the resource to find and compare virtually every camera on the market today. Also features forums for users to express opinions and offer advice. Don't buy anything without spending time here first!