Urban Decay

Part of my daily visual experience includes older and not especially pleasant sections in the City of Toronto, living outside a large urban center allows me to view these places with totally different eyes. In my photographic past I was strongly drawn to images of urban decay and what I see on a daily basis has re-awoken that artistic sensibility within me.

There is both beauty and a terrible reminder of humankinds mortality in urban decay and urban isolation. Whatever people build will eventually crumble and return to the earth, I'm endeavouring to find the beauty in that transition. Urban isolation is also a form of decay, decay to the human spirit, decay to our sense of fellowship, decay to our sense of humanity; for once we stop being human what do we become? A photographer is influenced by what they see and part of who I am never stops visualizing and composing images wherever I happen to be. This gallery is a result of my daily visual experience and I hope my urban work can capture the same emotion and retrospective qualities I see in the beautiful work of urban photographers I admire.

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