The Fringe... Gallery

fringe (frinj) noun - A marginal, peripheral, or secondary part.

Photographs are amazing things, I find them infinitely fascinating. Not just one type or genre of images, all types of photography has interest for me because they all deal with one common element... reality.

One of the photographers who's work I dearly love is H.C. Bresson. Bresson created art out of random moments in time... images shot without premeditated thought or much consideration of composition, focus, depth of field, shutter speed etc.; and it was the absence of those photographic disciplines which made magic. Critics when discussing the work of Bresson speak of "the decisive moment", and it was largely his use of the new 35mm cameras available at the time which enabled him to capture those random moments at a very precise point in time. The results of this previously unknown type of photography were in many ways the opposite of what was thought of as photography at the time; yet these images remain part of the canon defining what photography is to this day.

Every year Alliston has a parade in celebration of the potato harvest, and it was while exploring my images from this parade that I discovered fascinating things happening outside of the main image... somewhere on the fringe. Cropping and enlarging these small vignettes into full sized photographs made them grainy, out of focus and very dream like in quality; like a memory dulled by time that is just at the edge of your thoughts.

These images are my very own version of decisive moments, leaving the viewer with the same questions I have when looking at Bresson's images... what was happening... what happened before... what happened next?

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