Colour Gallery

When we look at a black and white image, the absence of colour requires our eyes to focus on tone and texture. It is the richness of the tonal scale and the subtle passage from one tone to another which gives black and white images depth. Ansel Adams and Paul Strand were masters of using the tonal scale to it's full impact, Adams developed the "Zone System" to define the most effective impact of tone in black and white photography.

Inspite of my love for black and white images, there are times when the image is about colour. When I first started shooting in digital format, I set my camera to black and white and didn't give a second thought about any post production limitations with my images. As a result, I lost a number of images that were "all about colour". I have now reversed my approach, I visualize the composition in black and white and shoot in colour. The following are images obviously all about colour.

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