Water Abstract
Port Moody, British Columbia - 2009

What this is...

Reflections of a dock and piers in the waters of Burrard Inlet.

My thoughts on this image...

I cannot resist photographing water. From the Pacific Ocean to the pond in our back garden, water holds an endless fascination for me; add light, texture and reflections and the camera simply must come out.

Two of our dearest friends in the world run a wonderful B&B right on Burrard Inlet in Port Moody. On one visit, I wandered down to their dock and the combination of calm water, sunlight and reflections were putting on quite a show. The patterns and fluidity of the shapes formed in the water reminded me of an abstract painting more than a photograph.

Everything within this image is taken from the real world, it actually existed in the moment I pressed the shutter yet vanished the second after that. Only a photograph can capture the "decisive moment" and one of the reasons my camera kit is a constant companion in my travels.

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