Riverbank Weeds in Winter
Nicolston Dam, Ontario - 2009

What this is...

The banks of the Nottwassaga river in the dead of winter .

My thoughts on this image...

This is a desolate place in the depths of winter. The snow piles up deep and undisturbed all along the banks of the river and all the plants that line the shore are either flattened under the weight of it, or somehow manage to remain standing.

I love simplicity in compositions, the dark, angular lines of the weeds in the foreground formed a stark contrast to the softness of the weeds and sensuous curve of the river in the background. When set against the total lack of detail in the snow I found a balance which pleased me with an overall effect closer to an ink brush painting than a photograph.

This image is a classic of all the things a photograph isn't rather than all the things a photograph can be.

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