Goes on Forever
Elkford, British Columbia - 2009

What this is...

A never-ending vista of mountains and trees... or is it?

My thoughts on this image...

Even to this day, who could not stand in this very spot and not imagine that forests, mountains and the natural bounty of a place like British Columbia will never end? But we know that is not true.

This photograph was shot just outside of the small town of Elkford where my oldest Brother lives. The old growth of forest in Elk valley vanished back in the 1930's; on rare occasions you will encounter the stump of one of these forest giants or a lone survivor overlooked by the foresters. Forestry continues to this day eating further and further into stands of trees further and further into the mountains. Every time I visit the coal mine across the valley has reduced the mountain in height, and exploration crews push deep into places where human influence was previously unknown.

We play Russian Roulette with our planet and thus far humanity has not faced extinction as a result, we have passed that ultimate end to thousands of other species instead. Standing in such a place surrounded by beauty, fresh air and the joyous bounty of nature I'm always forced to ponder how much longer it will last.

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