Eternal Ocean
Sechelt, BC - 2009

What this is...

Day break on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

My thoughts on this image...

Just at the break of day is a magical time to photograph water. Because of the lack of light a time exposure is required, and with the constant motion of the Pacific Ocean the longer the exposure the smoother the water becomes in the final image. Playing with the length of the exposure can produce some truly amazing results when water crashes against and over the totally stationary rocks along the coast. The water and rocks take on a surrealistic quality, almost like gossamer threads of sea water that have adorned these rocks for hundreds of years.

An eternal partnership between the unyeilding and the transient.

I hardly needed another reason to fall in love with British Columbia... again, but the Pacific Coast blew me away. The coastline, deep mysterious rainforests, the mountains and the ever changing weather has left an indeliable mark on my soul. This part of the world is a landscape photographers paradise and I can hardly wait to get back.

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