Ebb and Flow
San Simeon, California - 2010

What this is...

The Pacific Ocean lapping against the shores of California.

My thoughts on this image...

I have fallen head over heals in love with yet another part of the world... The coast of California from Monteray to San Simeon. Anyone who has driven south on Highway One out of Monteray knows exactly what I'm speaking of, stunning beauty, jaw-dropping vistas and the eternal ebb and flow of the Pacific crashing against the shore.

Water holds an endless facsination for me and is a recurring theme in my images. Flowing, frozen, vapourized or totally still... water has an etherial quality I am drawn to. As I discovered on a recent trip to California, water is never more magical than in the glow of twilght on the west coast when the last rays of sun have just vanished below the horizon. The illumination, the water, the reflections... this scene has played out countless times over countless years, yet each time totally unique in the interplay of texture, light and motion.

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