Domain of Rock, Snow and Clouds
British Columbia - 2009

There is a very real possibility that no human has ever set foot in this part of British Columbia. It is so remote, wild and beautiful it is natural to think of this as a domain of only rock, snow and cloud.

On a recent flight from Whitehorse to Vancouver, the plane was turned back to Whitehorse due to an instrument malfunction. The flight had originally departed at 8:00 am in darkness. By the time we got going again at 9:30 am, the sun was up and we were surrounded by glorious sunshine illuminating the edges of the mountain ridges and peaks that poked out through the clouds. It was an amazing flight, and I spent the entire time photographing these stunning landscapes from the window of the plane.

In a world so densly populated and influenced by human presence, it's both reassurring and fascinating to see places where the most powerful force is nature itself. A domain of only rocks, snow and cloud, a domain controlled by nature alone, a domain where human presence is rare... if at all.

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