Clouds Become Mountains, Mountains Become Clouds
British Columbia - 2009

What this is...

A range of mountains vanishing in the distance.

My thoughts on this image...

Do the clouds become mountains, or do the mountains become cloud? Is it even possible to say one way or another when looking upon such a scene?

There is an aspect of this image which reminds me greatly of Roger Dean's wonderful album covers for Yes from years ago, where your imagination is set free from the bounds of what is expected and launched into a world which only makes partial sense. Our minds tell us there are mountains, and that those mountains are made of rock, they are solid and they are very distinct. But isn't it more fun to imagine the essence of that solidity being transformed by something as soft, indistinct and transient as a cloud; transformed into something that is both rock and mist, but at the exact same time is neither?

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